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Top 6 Factors to Consider When Buying a Marble Table

Marble dining tables are elegant and can add a lot of class to your dining room. 

Before purchasing one, there are a few things that you should know about marble to help you in making the right decision for your home. 

Marble is an expensive material, so it’s important that you get the table size right before purchasing. 

You should also consider how heavy it is because marble tables are pretty heavy, which might be a problem for some people with mobility issues. 

  1. Consider the Size of Your Table – Marble Tables Come in a Variety of Sizes

If you’re considering a marble table for your dining room, it’s essential to know the dimensions of the area in which you plan on placing this furniture. 

For example, if you have an open floor plan with vaulted ceilings and an expansive living space, large-sized tables might work best, whereas smaller spaces can be completed with rectangular or round tables.

  1. Determine Whether You Want an Honed (Matt) Look or a Polished Finish

Marble tables are in various colors and finishes. It’s advisable to take your time to conduct research before making any purchases. Antique marble pieces might have some defaults, such as chipped edges or stains less likely on new marble pieces. This is what makes antique pieces more unique, but they also require regular maintenance.

However, it is important to note that scratches, chips, cracks, or dings in your marble table can worsen over time and become more challenging to repair.

New marble pieces might be cleaner and more polished but might lack the authenticity antique pieces offer. Whether you prefer a new or old look depends on your style and preferences. 

  1. Decide on the Style and Design That Best Suits Your Needs (Rectangular, Round, Square)

A rectangular marble table offers a sense of order and symmetry, while the soft curves of a round dining table might create an inviting space for family dinners. If you’re looking for something that can provide sufficient legroom on both sides, then consider getting yourself a square-shaped marble dining table.

The size of your dining table should also be something you take into consideration before making a purchase. A smaller marble tabletop might do just fine for hosting dinner parties and intimate gatherings if you live by yourself. Families with children or larger households will need to look out for more spacious rectangular tables to provide enough seating space on both sides.

  1. Ensure You Have Enough Space For Your New Marble Table 

Marble dining tables are heavy. So, measure the space you’ll be placing prior to ensure there’s enough room before making your purchase.

Ensure that wherever you place your marble table, you will have at least two feet on each side and seven or eight inches either from its backside or side to allow for chairs and other furniture.

Marble tables are sensitive surfaces, so it is important to have a tablecloth placed on top of the marble (or any other surface)

Marble tables are considered delicate, so you’ll want to take extra care when moving them.

You should also measure the space you’re buying a dining table for before making your purchase. If there is not enough room in your dining area, having a marble table might make the space look congested. 

  1. Where you Plan on Putting the Marble Table in Your Home (i.e., kitchen, living room, bedroom)

You should consider where you plan the marble table in your home when considering what size marble table to buy. 

For example, if your kitchen is very small and doesn’t have much space for large furniture, then it would be better to purchase a smaller dining room set that includes only the essentials instead of a large one with more pieces than necessary. On the other hand, you might consider a larger table for entertaining guests in your dining room.

  1. Be Aware of How Much Maintenance Marble Tables Require (i.e., sealing, polishing)

You should be aware that marble requires occasional polishing and sealing to maintain its appearance.

Consider these costs before deciding on a particular table size or budget. The key is to put in some research about what type of marble table you want and how much maintenance the table requires before making a purchase.

Final Thoughts

The dining room is an essential part of your home where people gather around to enjoy meals, share conversations and build memories. So, it’s only natural that you should be looking for a piece of furniture that can provide ample space for all your guests to sit comfortably.

The right dining table can do wonders in setting the mood of your dining room. Marble tables can provide a sense of luxury and opulence, while rustic wooden tables are perfect for casual meals with friends and family.

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