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Our Marbles

The Best 100% Natural Marbles for Furnitures

We have spent much time scouring the world for the best marbles that are suitable for marble furnitures such as marble dining table, marble plinth coffee table and side table and marble accessories. We have a range of beautiful white, black, beige, green, brown, dark grey, blue, and light grey marbles.

With so much choices of marbles, picking the right marble design is a difficult choice. Furthermore with the unique grains, it will make the process even more difficult. With our best in class process, we will help make the decision process easy, whether it's selecting from our range of ready-stock marble furnitures or custom make furnitures.

Volakas Marble

Greek Marble

Natural Marble from Volakas, Greece (hence the name). There are 10 quarries in Greece that are producing this range of marbles.

The predominant colour, however, is white background with grey veins or of beige or brown. The veins can also be of ocre, or wine, or violet. The veins, moreover, can be thicker or also be thinner, within the same stone.

Black Maquina Marble

Spanish Marble

Black Maquina or Nero Maquina Marbles comes from the Basque County Quarries and are known to provide long lasting colors. The intense color of black complimented by the bright white veins makes it a very elegant piece as a table top or marble plinths.

Arabescato Marble

Italian Marble

Often the preferred marble for churches in Italy such as the famous St Peter Church in Rome. The marble is formed from the Apuanian Alps of Carrara and Versilia. It has a white background with unique grey veins.

Rainforest Green Marble

Magical Indian Marble

Rainforest Green Marble is a unique shade of green that has both dark and light green hues laid over a deep brown veining pattern that looks like tree branches. Every slab is completely unique with different variations in the stone and appearance. Its earthy and elemental colors and textures bring nature into your home.

Panda White Marble

Chic China Marble

Feel the fashion – we are introducing panda white marble stone. The designers love it for the contrast between the crystalline white and the black bold veins. The panda white creates stylish table tops and coffee table.

Calacatta Viola Marble

Italian Marble

This exquisite Calacatta marble is perfect for creating beautiful surroundings. Viola has beautiful burgundy veining, adding wonderful texture to this lustrous marble. Installed in the dining room, it's perfect for creating a splash of colour and elegance.

Calacatta Gold Marble

Italian Marble

With a flawless finish and striking marble veins, Calacatta Marble has an eye-catching white and gold texture that will add beauty to any dining room.The Calacatta Gold marble adds a glamorous touch to any space. Its rich hues are complemented by its distinct veining, for a sophisticated look.

Milas Lilac Marble

Turkish Marble

Quarried in one of the most beautiful part of Turkey, the Milas Lilac Marble is perfect for those who wants a marble furniture that will truly stand out. The Milas Lilac Marble is unparalleled in its unique design. If you are looking for loud, this is perfect for you!

Sahara Noir

Italian Marble

Sahara Noir Marble from Italy. It is nice black marble with gold and white veins. Polished surface is most popular, sometimes, customers will require honed (matte) finishing.

Statuario Marble

Italian Marble

Statuario is the most precious marble varieties found in Italy. It has distinctive veining that can range from gold to gray. All three types of marble will vary from slab to slab, as no two marble formations are the same.

Silver Mink

Turkish Marble

Mirroring the silvery, shiny fur of its namesake, this rich mid-tone grey is endlessly versatile.

Ice Jade Green

Chic Chinese Marble

Ice Jade Green marble features a white background with prominent green veining. Known as Primavera and White Beauty.

Ice Jade Green marble is known for it hardness and is suitable for larger size tables.

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