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Marble Plinths : A Tribute to the beauty of marble

Marble Plinths, a true tribute to the beauty of marble. Craftsmen have created plinths using mirrors, glass, wood, and other materials but the true beauty of the plinth is only demonstrated when created using natural marble. A true timeless piece that will be the centre of attraction where ever you place it! 

Only highly experienced marble craftsmen are able to carefully create the perfect marble plinth for you. It is truly a work of art!

Rooms that are suitable for the marble plinths

Living Rooms

Most people place their marble plinths, most popular designs are the marble plinth coffee table or side table. Some other usage of marble plinths would be the taller marble plinths that can act as a statue holder, a TV console marble plinth or more elegantly a marble plinth console for your entrance. 

Menu furniture plinth low insitu haute living


You can place a marble plinth in your bathroom next to your large mirror as a placeholder for your toiletries. Simple yet elegant.


Every bedroom needs an elegantly looking side table where you can place a chic night lamp on top.

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