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How to Customise Marble Furnitures for your home?

Home & Marble is one of the rare furniture shops that carry ready-made premium European marble furnitures in Singapore. Our aim is to make natural marble designer furniture and premium living affordable to not only the affluent Singaporean consumer, but to all Singaporeans!

Ready Stock Marble Dining Table

Our ready-made marble furnitures such as dining tables, coffee tables and console tables comes in common sizes that is suitable for most Singapore homes. Our ready stock marble dining tables comes in 1200mm, 1400mm, 1650mm and 1800mm sizes. The biggest benefit of buying a ready stock natural marble furniture is that you can select the marble top piece that you want. Every marble piece is unique and the grains will come out differently. So having the ability to select the piece without putting it into the hands of the factory gives you the perfect piece of mind.

Home & Marble’s ready stock marble furniture are premium European marbles that are specially selected by the dedicated buyers. Our marbles slabs are usually used for a set of furnitures such as the dining table, coffee table, console table and if there are leftovers, they are created into coasters, trays, lazy susans or even wall shelfs. With Home & Marble, you will likely be able to buy a set marble furnitures with the same or similar slab designs which is unheard off in Singapore. Match it with our wide range of specially curated legs for your dream marble furniture.

Even with the wide range of ready stock marble furnitures on offer, we have received many request for customising of marble furnitures such as marble plinths, dining tables with wheels or even prayer alters. Some designs come straight out of pinterest.

Our experienced design team and marble craftsmen are able to do 99.9% of pinterest designs. The balance 0.1% is mainly because of safety reasons that we will not be able to assist in the customisation.

  1. Reusing or upgrading your existing marble furniture

Marbles can last a lifetime, with some love, care and maintenance. We have many request on customising your existing marble that are still in good condition such as customising the edges to be more modern and placing it on our new modern legs such as our popular marble legs design – the El Silvestri Round Marble Table.

2. Pinterest Design

Many of our customers share their loved Pinterest designs usually designed from overseas and the sellers don’t offer the option of shipping the product into Singapore. We can help to customise and make the design unique to the customer’s preference.

3. Special Custom Needs due to home size

We have many customers who needs a special custom size such as a marble study table which is smaller than a dining table size. We also have got special request due to lack of size where customers want to make use of a bar top as a dining table or a dining table with wheels to be kept when unused.

Share with us your needs and pictures and our experienced team of designers will come back with a perfect solution for you.

Feel free to drop by our showroom (Due to Covid19 restrictions, please help to make an appointment here)

You are welcome to visit out experience centre to touch and feel the natural marble furnitures that we have on display. You can even select your own unique piece here!

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