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Choosing the Right Table For Your Home Decor

Picking the perfect table for your home decor can be a daunting task. There are so many styles and designs to choose from.

In this blog post, I will outline some of the most important things to consider when choosing the right table for your home decor; 

Size of the Table

One of the most important factors you should consider when choosing a new dining or console table is size because this will determine where you place it and how much room there needs to be around it for guests and family members. If space is not an issue, you can go for a long, rectangular table.       

If space is an issue, you need to consider the size of the dining or console room and whether there are other furniture pieces in this small area. 

Regardless of the size, it is a good idea to make sure that your dining or coffee table has plenty of storage space underneath for storing items such as placemats and napkins. This will keep them out from underfoot but still close enough, so they are easy to reach when needed.

What Size Table Should You Have In Your Living Room, Dining Room, or Kitchen?

Decide on the size of the table that will best suit your space. If you have a large room, going with a larger style is better, as it will help fill up some extra square footage. On the other hand, if you have limited space in an area like a dining room or kitchen, getting something more compact might be ideal.

Dining Room: The size of your dining table can depend on the size of your dining room. If you have ample space, then get something proportional to it.

Kitchens: A kitchen table should be shorter than a dining or living room table and ideally placed against an exterior wall. This will maximize floor space while still providing enough seating for those family dinners.         

How to Decide on the Style of Table That Works Best For Your Space

If you’re looking for a dining table that will fit in small spaces, go with one without legs. This style is also ideal if you want to eat your meals on the couch.

A dining table is most commonly used in a dining room or kitchen. On the other hand, a coffee table can go anywhere – from an entryway to sitting out by the pool. 

Marble console tables are typically found in hallways, and they’re perfect for holding lamps, picture frames, bookshelves, and other decorative pieces.

Marble Tables Make Great Additions to Any Room in the House

Marble tables make great additions to any room in the house. They can be used as dining or coffee tables if desired. 

Marble is beautiful and timeless, and it’s not uncommon for people to want one of these beauties for their home decor, whether they’re looking for something simple like a counter height or a dining table.

Marble dining tables are beautiful and can be personalized to fit any style. Marble coffee tables make great accent pieces in a living room or family room, but keep in mind that the top of the table is very delicate.

The cost of marble varies based on several factors like size and color. It’s best to know these factors before you purchase a marble table.

Tips and Tricks for Choosing the Perfect Color for Your New Furniture Piece

  • Walk around your home and look for the room where you want to put these new pieces of furniture. What colors are prevalent in this area?
  • If you have a lot of wood or earth tones, then opt for darker shades like chocolate brown or black. This will help create balance with brighter items that might be there as well.
  • If you have a lot of colors, then be careful about matching the colors. It’s best to go for more neutral shades like gray or white, so it balances out with other tones in that room.
  • Does this new piece of furniture need to match an existing piece? You might want to find something similar (even if it’s not the exact same color) to help tie these pieces together.
  • Is this new piece of furniture going into a room that is already full of colors? Then try opting for more neutral shades like gray or white so you can add some brightness with colorful accessories and pillows.
  • Will this new piece of furniture be placed in a room with another table of the same color? If so, try to find something with different tones (such as lighter and darker). This will help create balance.
  • Is this new piece of furniture going into a room where there are either no windows, or it’s near curtains? Then opt for deep hues like burgundy, emerald green, or navy blue.
  • Does this new piece of furniture need to be the focal point? If so, you might want to go with bolder shades like hot pink and yellow.

Final Thoughts

Now you have an idea of what type of table will work best in your home. The next time you are out shopping, make sure to keep these tips in mind when looking for the perfect piece.     

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